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the best fenders in the world

LTT offers you the best fenders in the world

Absorbing the kinetic energy of a vessel berthing against a quay wall or another vessel, fenders are a very important element in the shipping industry. Our fenders are fully compliant with international requirements such as the ISO 17357 standard, and provide ultimate protection during STS operations or between any ship and the dock structure. For Ship to Berth and Ship to Ship floating fenders such as pneumatic or hollow cylindrical fenders are typically used. Since the beginning the exploitation/rent out of numerous types of fenders has been LTT’s core business. Both our pneumatic type fender and the hollow cylindrical fender's performance are superior and preferred by operators around the world.  Type of fenders we have in stock for you:
500x1000 | 600x1000 | 700x1000 | 1000x1500 | 1000x2000 | 1200x2000 | 1350x2500 | 1500x3000 | 1700x3000 | 2000x3500 | 4500x9000 | 3300x6500 | 3300x10600 |  4500x9000 | 4500x12000 | 

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