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the best hoses in the world

LTT offers you the best hoses in the world

Only the best hoses in the world are good enough for the safe transfer of mineral oil, vegetable oil, chemicals, LPG, LNG or slops. That’s why LTT offers you high quality composite, Stainless steel or rubber hoses. Composite hoses are flexible, safe and chemically resistant. The many layers of tubes and film make composite hoses more flexible and ‘fail safe’. Even the strongest hose can be damaged during use. That’s why LTT always gives careful consideration to hose selection, care, maintenance and storage. Each year we perform full tests on every hose in our assortment and issue an annual certificate. Reducers, couplings and adapters also undergo regular tests to guarantee top quality. We ensure you that all of our hoses in stock are damage-free, cleaned, tested and certified (according to the regulations of certification societies and hose producers). To prevent contamination, hoses used for different materials are kept strictly separate in our storing facilities. First ‘hose cleaning installation’ in the world
With a specially built cleaning facility for hoses, LTT operates the first ‘hose cleaning installation’ in the world. Developed in association with several environmental consultancy firms we use chemicals and solvents that are (almost) 100% water soluble, biodegradable and recyclable. We manage our business in a way that impacts the environment in a friendly, positive and thoughtful manner.

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