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LTT hoses are used in the shipping industry for the transfer of minerals, vegetable oil, chemicals, LPG, LNG and slops. The hoses used for different materials are strictly kept separated in our storing facilities to prevent contamination. We guarantee an optimal condition. LTT disposes of a specially built cleaning facility for hoses - the first "hose wash" in the world. LTT developed this in association with DCMR Environmental Protection Agency. LTT can deliver multiple hoses for any use, at any time. Industrial hoses for conveying liquids are flexible, reinforced tubes composed of different layers. As a hose can be damaged during use, LTT always does regular checks and upkeep. A full test is performed every year on every hose in our assortment. Reducers, couplings, flow controls and adapters also undergo regular tests to guarantee top quality. We ensure our customers that all of our hoses are in stock, "at any time", damage-free, cleaned, tested and certified!

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