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To prevent any contamination of TDI / MDI by water particles on board of vessels with steam or hot water heating tank heating systems, LTT offers the rentals or sales of a portable compacted heat exchanger.

Heat exchanger consist of the following main parts.
Expansion tank
2 circulation pumps
Heat exchanger
Temperature control valve

Exchanger is extremely compact, the hydraulic driven pumps are designed to run on the FRAMO hydraulic system or on an independent diesel driven hydraulic power-unit and are deliver including flow control valves.

With a throughout of 50M3/hour and a heating capacity of 320 KW this portable heater is ample to meet the current requirements on board of vessels carrying TDI / MDI.

A complete kit is delivered including:
All necessary cargo and steam/condensate hoses
All necessary couplings, adapters, reducers, valves, Y-pieces etc.
Thermal oil

Ltt can also provide engineers to prepare the system prior to use and to clean and build the system back to the original state.