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the best team from around the world

LTT brings you the best team from around the world

LTT delivers the highest standards of service and safety in ship-to-ship transfer and offers you a complete package, which includes hoses and fenders and a fully certified mooring master. Our compliant mooring masters carry out all operations in strict accordance with all safety guidelines and requirements as mentioned in the OCIMF Ship to Ship transfer guides for Petroleum, Chemicals and liquefied gases. Being former and active masters aboard oil and chemical tankers and liquefied gas carriers, our mooring masters have a keen eye for ship movements, tensions of mooring lines and sea and weather conditions. Our mooring masters are still fully qualified ‘masters of all ships’ and possess their dangerous goods endorsements. Every two years they take part in a special simulation programme after which the can be deployed as ‘person in overall control’ (POAC). One of our core strengths is smooth communication between STS activities throughout the berthing and loading operations so tensions on hoses, liquid spills and other incidents are prevented. We are proud to say LTT has no incident record* which shows our dedication to safety. * If a client chooses to coordinate the ship-to-ship transfer without a mooring master, LTT cannot be held accountable for any damages.

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