Hose cleaning

With a specially built cleaning facility for hoses, LTT operates the first hose cleaning installation in the world. We remove all kinds of (chemical) dirt in a reliable and effective way.



For many years there were no special cleaning locations available for hose cleaning. We had to have our hoses cleaned by companies specialized in the cleaning of tank containers making it difficult to meet our standards. That’s why we decided to build our own specialized washing installation for hoses. Developed in association with several environmental consultancy firms we use chemicals and solvents that are (almost) 100% water soluble, biodegradable and recyclable. All waste streams are stored in a wastewater tank and then purified in our own water treatment plant and re-used in the cleaning process. The entire installation runs on the electrical power of 300 solar panels.

How it works

Our hose cleaning installation is comparable to a car wash. All contaminated hoses are first collected in a special container in anticipation of the cleaning process. The hoses are then separated into three categories: chemical, mineral oils and edible oils. Each category has its own car wash and sewer system. In the technical area you’ll find high-pressure cleaners, steam boilers, boiler feed water treatment units, compressors and nitrogen units that are used for cleaning the different types of hoses. You will also find that we have our own water purification unit. All waste streams including rainwater are stored in a wastewater tank, and then purified in a water treatment plant that works on the principle of vacuum distillation. The cleaned water is returned to the technical room where it is used as feed water for the high-pressure cleaners, steam boilers and as rinsing water for the automated rinsing system of the washing streets.
Choose LTT when you want your hoses cleaned quickly and safely and in a way that impacts the environment in a friendly, positive and thoughtful manner.

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LTT operates first hose cleaning installation in the world