Hose management

At LTT we are aware of the importance of effective hose management. It ensures your operation to continue to run smoothly and eliminates any potential safety or environmental issues. It also reduces downtime and keeps your productivity levels high.

LTT is qualified to offer you custom-made, expert solutions for flexible hoses and hose assemblies as well as the maintenance. Our technicians can carry out repair work in situ or in our specially equipped workshop. We ensure you that all of our products are in stock, at any time, damage-free, cleaned, tested and certified!


Lease construction

A special lease construction allows you to outsource your complete hose fleet to LTT. This way you will not have invest in the purchase of hoses, we will do this for you: LTT buys all hoses fit for your business and takes care of all maintenance at a monthly rate.
Are you already the owner of a complete hose fleet and interested in our lease construction? LTT will then take over your hoses at market value at the inception of the lease. Of course LTT can always equip a complete factory with new hoses including a full maintenance contact.

One total package service

We are known for our fast delivery, providing service and expertise. You only receive one invoice with the agreed price after the job is done. No multiple invoices for different products; one total package service, one price, no initial costs.
LTT will save you time and money by providing you with the newest products available. We are fast, accurate and work around the clock.

Would you like more information on our hose management services?

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LTT offers you custom-made hose management